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Camera Types


Fixed CCTV Cameras come in two main types.


The first type has a camera body, to which lenses of different focal lengths and/or fixed or variable irises, may be attached.  Features such as BLC ( Back Light Compensation), Auto Iris Drive and AES ( Auto Electronic Shutter) on/off are provided, as is availability in several power inputs (e.g. 12V DC or 24V AC). New technology cameras now provide an "On Screen Display" for choosing and setting functions. Because of it‘s flexibility of configuration, this type of camera is normally used in most commercial video surveillance systems.


The second type is basically a fixed lens mounted on a circuit board (board cameras). These cameras may be packaged in a small case (Mini Cameras) or dome (Mini Dome) or simply sold unpackaged, for mounting by the purchaser. Lenses in these cameras are either of a normal industry aperture or a "pinhole" lens of very small aperture. Pinhole lens cameras are often called "spy" cameras and may be mounted in a concealed way for covert surveillance purposes. Since the lenses in board cameras are pre-mounted, have a fixed iris and are usually of a short focal length (i.e. wide angle), their flexibility of usefulness is limited. However, this type of camera can provide a low cost solution in the right situation, particularly in a home environment.

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